What Really Happens in Therapy

This workshop is intended for forensic interviewers, police officers, CPS workers, medical personnel, family court workers, attorneys, judges, social workers, and anyone else dealing with abused children.

The professionals involved in a child abuse case have different roles and purposes. Mental health treatment is an integral part of that multi-disciplinary team.  There are many misconceptions about how, where and what is therapy.  Should clinical services even be part of the team or do they just complicate things?  What makes a “good” therapist and what feedback should you expect.  This workshop will give an overview of how clinical services benefit the multi-disciplinary team and enhance the effectiveness of your role on the team.

Different types of therapy as well as the goals of therapeutic interventions will be reviewed. We will also discuss common problems and issues children who have been abused face and what can be done about it. The lecture/ discussion format will allow for dialogue and feedback. Participants will be encouraged to participate in the discussion of the issues they may experience in their settings.


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